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Personal message from the president of Global InterGold

Personal message from the president of Global InterGold

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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Would you agree that it would be just great to live in financial security and never worry about money again?

But what needs to be done to achieve this state? What is financial security really? Ask ten people to determine how much money they require to achieve financial security, and you will probably get ten different responses.

Let's start by looking at what financial security is NOT.

Financial security is not just about earning a certain amount of money. There are many people who earn millions of dollars each year and yet they are not financially secure.

Stories about musicians, superstars and lottery winners that file for bankruptcy are so common that they have become a banality. If someone earns $500,000 per year and spends $600,000, can we say that he/she achieved financial security? Of course not.

Personally, I prefer to see all existing and future clients of the company achieving their financial goals with confidence, while being financially protected.

That's why I decided to create my blog with one sole purpose in mind – to share with you my observations and experience on HOW you can find a pathway to financial security. I hope this will help you to navigate the avalanche of information (often of poor quality) in this regard.

I am well aware of the fact that QUALITY of communication with our clients is of great importance. This communication cannot be replaced by automatic newsletters or industry analyst’s discussions since we are talking about what is highly important in everyone’s life. In fact, we are talking about nothing but YOUR Life.

I suggest you watch my first video from the cycle "Let's talk about the most important thing..."



Till next time! 


Dmitriy Aksyonov

President of Global InterGold

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