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Hello, dear friends!

Today we will talk about such an important thing as the pathway to Financial Security.

Financial security is, on the one hand, a certain goal, or rather a state that a person seeks to achieve. On the other hand, to achieve any goal it is necessary to act.

In our case, we can very simply describe the actions that a person needs to take to achieve financial security.

These actions are very simple: preserve and accumulate your wealth, no matter how large or small it might seem to you.

You see, the primary thing is to preserve, the secondary – to accumulate.

Not the other way around.

Take for example the definition of the word "investment" from a conventional dictionary:

Investments are monetary assets or other property that is invested in objects of entrepreneurial activity for gaining profit.

You see that investment is more of a tool for accumulating wealth, and financial security is more of a tool for preserving wealth.

This is the main difference between the area of financial security and investment. It's just different things.

Like any instrument, Financial Security requires skillful treatment.

For example, let's look at the situation with the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Over the past year, we all witnessed a sharp price increase. This was very impressive indeed. But on the other hand, let's honestly answer one question: will we be able to save the money invested in bitcoin within five or ten-year period?

If we are not 100% sure of this, then these actions do not lead to financial security. The pathway to financial security is always the exact sequence: first of all, preserve your wealth, then accumulate it. If you cannot preserve a thing, then you can accumulate nothing.

The practice of financial security is not about earning or not earning money. It's also not about spending money or not spending money.

The practice of financial security lies in a specific and reasonable way of doing things. You cannot achieve Financial Security if you consider following the different sequence.

The correct sequence of actions that will invariably lead you to success is to preserve and accumulate.

You see, Financial Security becomes rather complicated if we start doing something wrong.

Poverty is a huge difficulty. Poverty cannot bring any pleasure. Everything around becomes very problematic. It's just a struggle for existence. 

So... Ladies and gentlemen! By what means will you act to achieve the state of Financial Security?

There are three key factors for any activity:

1) Knowledge of what to do

2) Knowledge of how to do

3) Knowing how to behave in different situations.

I hope that you already got the answer to the first question: what needs to be done to achieve financial security?

Preserve and accumulate your wealth, big and small.

The answer to the second question: how to achieve the state of Financial Security?

This is the topic of my next speech.

Right now, all I can say is that we have two different types of tools in our company.

And the answer to the third question: how to behave in different situations?

This is also the topic of my separate speech.

Those of you who attended the conference in Munich in November 2017 already heard from me about the Aristippus’ Code.

This is an entire set of rules of conduct that lead a person to success. These three factors combined give you all the necessary skills with which you can achieve the state of Financial Security.

Of course, as long as you really want it.


Start building your own Financial Security right now!



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