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The President’s Message from India: On Power, Love and Freedom

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Hello dear friends,

Today I'm in Delhi and I've got a few minutes to spare, which I would like to devote to our communication: with our current and future clients of Global InterGold.

I had a very long flight from Europe to India, and during the flight I thought of a huge country that I would have a chance to visit, a country with a thousand-year history, culture and traditions.

During the thought process, I came up with an idea that I want to share with you. In my opinion, this idea is extremely important for people who want to achieve financial prosperity.

As I said before, you all know that it is absolutely impossible to achieve financial security on your own. Financial security can be achieved only in a group of like-minded people, by creating an economic model in which the most crucial element will be the importance and the value of a human being.

Besides, financial security is not just money. Financial security comprises a lot of different factors, and three essential and primary ones are: power, love and freedom.

What is power? Power is the ability to control one's own life and one's own environment.

What is love? Love is the ability not only to take but also to give.

What is freedom? Freedom is the ability of a person to determine his or her own destiny.

The main idea of Global InterGold is the idea of caring for a person.

For this reason, I want to give you one simple piece of advice:

Participate in the Leadership program of Global InterGold.

Who is a Leader? A leader is someone who goes forward, someone who cares about other people, who creates financial security for himself/herself and his/her family, who ultimately creates financial security for a very large group of people.

I wish you good luck and success!

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