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The new era of Global InterGold development

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Ladies and gentlemen!

Today is an unusual day.

Recently we celebrated the 8th anniversary of the company and these eight years were filled with victories and failures, joy and sorrow, new discoveries and confidence in the future.

These were amazing eight years, in the course of which the international team Global InterGold succeeded in creating an innovative business of a new generation, a business in which the main fortune and value is a human.

The simplest, ordinary human, who is not a multimillionaire, not a high-ranking official, not the head of a transnational corporation, but a simple ordinary person – a baker, a bus driver, an engineer, a manager or a housewife.

In the course of these eight years I've heard many stories of appreciation regarding the company that has changed the lives of our clients – simple, ordinary people.

Some provided their children a proper education, some explored the world, traveling through countries and continents, some bought a new house and helped the parents, and some just found their love.

By concluding each of such stories, our clients consistently talked about their main acquisition on the pathway of starting their business with Global InterGold, and this is the main thing – having respect for other people and the opportunity to take care of them.

When I recall all these stories, I want to say – today is an unusual day!

The feeling of pride and excitement overflows me, because today I want to tell you the news which, after the   eight-year history of Success of our company, opens a new ERA of the development of our business.

But before I share these news, I would like to tell you about the three most important factors that have an impact on the global economy and remind you of some of the company's fundamental ideas and goals.

In today's world, the concept of the Global Economy affects everyone, because any change in the principles of the work of the international economic community will change your life.

If in the 1990s the three largest automobile manufacturers in Detroit had a capitalization of $36 billion and 1.2 million employees, today the three largest companies in the Silicon Valley are worth almost thirty times the price – approximately $1 trillion, yet these companies pay nine times less wages to their employees (about 150,000 people). This inevitably leads to a change in the principles of work for billions of people around the world.

Therefore,  we are talking about the first factor that changed the global economy: 

- The development of fundamentally new sectors of the economy with innovative means of production, and as a result – a significant change in the requirements for labor efficiency.

It is this factor, among others, that makes people look towards starting their own business and personal financial security.

The second equally important factor, which largely determines people's behavior, is the growing desire and willingness of people to take responsibility for their lives, for their jobs and for their future.

And this means only one thing – the disagreement of many people with a number of changes that take place in the modern global economy.

One of the basic laws of life tells us that a person cannot feel confident in the environment, if the environment itself is unstable. That is why, the primary goal of any society is to create a safe environment in which a person can feel stable.

So therefore, the third factor that influences the development of the global economy is the factor of creating a safe environment.

Clearly, these three factors affect your life and the life of the company.
And by complying with the values of our company – we can take care of the quality of life of our customers in only one way - using Smart and Effective solutions.

And following the values of our company, we have developed a pathway to financial security for our clients that saves both money and time of our clients. This is exactly the pathway that leads our clients to the desired goal – the state of financial security.

I want to remind you that:

The goal of Global InterGold is to achieve financial security, create a better world and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Many of you have heard me talking about what financial security is and how it differs, for example, from investments, numerous times.

Therefore, I will only remind you that Financial Security is the philosophy and the goal of the company that allows us to take care of the quality of life of our clients, so you, our clients, can live comfortably and happily in the present moment and not be afraid for your future and the future of your children.

Yet even the wisest philosophy, the greatest goals and ideas will be dead and useless for people if there are no precise tools and ways to achieve them, so that’s why today we are talking about Smart and Effective solutions developed by the Global InterGold international team, with the purpose of creating Financial Security for their clients.

I want to show you a simple picture that visually demonstrates these tools within the cycle of financial security:


The core idea and philosophy of the international holding of Global InterGold companies – Financial security.

However, Financial security is a characteristic that is inherent in a person's quality of life, which means that a person with his/her problems, fears, joys and plans is at the very core of the company’s idea and its philosophy.

The Pathway to Financial Security can be described in very simple terms – this is the exact sequence of actions – Preserve and Accumulate.

And we, as a company that takes care of a human being, provide four key tools for achieving Financial Security, in accordance with the sequence, or in other words, with the technology of Preserving and Accumulating.

And this is:

  • GOLD
  • GoldSet Program
  • ECN
  • Fractal Stock Program

Gold is not just a product of commodity exchange, but an ancient asset, a mystical metal, a legendary metal that served not only as an object of worship for people over thousands of years, but also functioned as an ideal tool for preserving and accumulating capital.

GoldSet Program is a marketing incentive program with the highest degree of reliability and stability that allows any person not only to purchase investment gold, avoiding prolonged generation of funds, but also to preserve and accumulate their capital via gold tables of the marketing program, using a unique tool that is reliable, not tied to the economy of any particular country, is a part of the world heritage, a tool that anyone understands: gold.

Many of you know these first two instruments very well and have been using them professionally for many years. By using these tools, we achieved outstanding results together. It would seem that one could calm down and fix at the achieved results, but the company has always clearly understood that the world is changing, new factors emerge that affect the global economy and such changes can lead to a deterioration in the financial security of our clients. Therefore, we have never stopped the process of conducting global research and the search for innovative solutions that can help our clients feel in the zone of economic and spiritual comfort.


And now, I want to tell you again that today is an unusual day.

The select circle of our clients already knows and works with the company’s new tools – ECN and Fractal Stock Program, but I’ll repeat – today is an unusual day.

If previously, the company applied special rules and conditions for the distribution of securities, providing ECN and Fractal Stock Program only to a narrow range of its clients, from now on: we announce the beginning of the promotion of ECN and Fractal Stock Program aimed at all our clients, as well as to all those who wish to join our team.


Obviously, it is absolutely impossible to build long-term stability for only one person, it is absolutely impossible to cope on one’s own with the new realities of the modern global economy on a long-term basis.

Taking it into account, we realize that financial security and stability can only be achieved in a group of like-minded individuals, collectively with other people only. It is this group of like-minded individuals that we are now creating.

A group of people who not only recognizes all the risks of the modern world, but also takes responsibility together with the company for the creation and development of the business of the future – a business that can make people happy and fulfill their dreams.

And as for the creation of such a group, the only right decision is to give you, our clients, the opportunity to become our partners and co-owners of the company.

The opportunity to purchase company’s securities is not only the chance to receive dividends and various bonus rewards, but also to participate in the management of a company with a share capital of one billion US dollars.
And we want each of you to have your own gold company – our collective gold company.

In addition to that, in accordance with the Preserve and Accumulate technology, the company has created the Fractal Stock Program tool, which, if a business is properly set-up, allows to accumulate your capital effectively by purchasing gold and securities of the company without additional financial costs.

And once again, today is a special day!

More than two years ago, the whole international team of Global InterGold along with me, worked and hoped that the time would come when the company could officially announce to the whole world about all its tools and opportunities that give you financial security and financial security for your family, your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

I sincerely thank you for your trust and interest in the ideas and principles of the company. I want to sincerely congratulate our clients and the Global InterGold team on this remarkable day.

I wish you prosperity and well-being!


Owning gold makes you financially independent, while owning a gold company truly sets you free.

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